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3NDWG Webinar - Tea and chat with people with dementia, how they look after their mental health and tips for coping through another lockdown' - Shared screen
ceri higgins
thankyou . joy.
ceri higgins
thankyou nigel. even when you are all facing such difficult times your support for unpaid carers is appreciated.
ceri higgins
thankyou Michael for sharing.
Chris Maddocks
Thank you for sharing very personal feelings with us all Michael
ceri higgins
absolutely you feel that shutting you in is shutting you up. thankyou for sharing...
ceri higgins
thankyou chris for sharing. with everything you all do to help others, you ll never be anywhere near hopeless
ceri higgins
question? what would the panel say to others that haven't the confidence to share their view...any tips that help them..
Susan Collins
Thank you to the panellists for sharing very personal thoughts and feelings. Now that physical support groups are restricted, this discussion is really helpful to those of us who are striving to offer alternative support best we can. These webinars are always so positive, such inspirational activists - keep smiling!
ceri higgins
thankyou all, empowering response.
Alan Richardson
With physical support restrictions - have been making Companion Calls alongside others for the Society. They have developed into well being in a way, as the contact has been so welcomed by Carers and Cared For. Strangers have become friends.
Alan Richardson
Always look forward to the Zooms you run.
ceri higgins
I purchased a special blanket for my mum who doesn't sleep. its heavy and after many years she's sleeping . thankyou for sharing that nigel..
Chris Maddocks
That sounds wonderful Joy. Can anyone join these?
ceri higgins
thankyou to all stay safe and united.
Alison Locke
thank you everyone